J Gabe Rustia


Hello, my name is J Gabe.


I was in the food industry for 9 years, I began as a dishwasher and worked my way up to managing the restaurant. I switched majors half a dozen times, asking others what I should be doing with my life.

When I discovered product design, I stopped asking for permission.

I persisted against playing it safe and committed to the journey of becoming a designer, despite not knowing how to sketch, prototype, or present. I followed my conviction.

Design helps me discover who I can become and it encapsulates the interests in my life. I am a curious learner, a playful role player, a scientific investigator, a mindful builder and have an outlook to cause spontaneous memories.

I embody being a sponge with anything I strive to understand. I enjoy the process of growth, the flow of contraction and expansion, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

My name is J Gabe and the world is a playground.


Fun fact: the letter J was given to me in honor of both my grandfathers.


Email: jgabe@jgabe.design

818 458 0613

Instagram: jgabe.rustia